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    A cutter suction dredger cuts hard soil into fragments with a rotating cutter head. The material is sucked up by dredge pumps and discharged to a deposit area through pipelines across sea and land. In some cases, split hopper barges moored alongside the cutter suction dredger transport the soil to the deposit area to unload it there. While operating, cutter suction dredger

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    A cutter suction dredger is positioned on spuds and anchor winches to ensure the vessel is firmly anchored during dredging. The cutter ladder is lowered. By pulling on the side wires, the cutter head is moved sideways, swinging around the main spud. The cutter suction dredger moves forward by means of the spud carriage.

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    Cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) are classified as hydraulic dredgers and are the most common vessels in the hydraulic/mechanical category. They have the ability to dredge nearly all kinds of soils sand, clay, rock and are used where the ground is too hard for trailing suction hopper dredgers. Some cutters have a pontoon hull without the means of propulsion (non-propelled), and others

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    Cutter suction dredger Van Oord.

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    18/07/2018· How does a cutter suction dredger work? The dredging method of a CSD is explained in this video combined with an animation. In clear steps the dredging proce...

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    The cutter suction dredger is a stationary dredger equipped with a cutter device (cutter head) which excavate the soil before it is sucked up by the flow of the dredge pump(s). During operation the dredger

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    Cutter suction dredgers. CSDs can dredge practically all kinds of terrain (sand, clay or rock). A CSD is a stationary dredger. It can transport material via pipelines up to several kilometres distance, or, alternatively, fill barges that come alongside the CSD.

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    Choose latest models of cutter suction dredger or the right type of cutter dredger that are ideal for your projects to ease the operations. Hansel Marine Equipment offers an exclusive range of cutter suction dredger.

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    Milestone dredger company was established in 2010, after a decade development and growth, our company successfully exported equipments to Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Chad, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives and other countries and regions. Especially the hydraulic cutter suction dredger for inland river dredging is widely recognized and praised by

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    IHC designs and builds a variety of standardised and custom-built cutter suction dredgers (CSD). These are capable of dredging compacted soil types and materials, such as clay and rock. High accuracy and a continuous rate of production ensure that IHC’s cutter suction dredges are ideal for many dredging

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    Cutter suction dredgers for sale. Cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) are used for land reclamation projects, for seabed pipeline trenching, for deepening harbours and for the construction and expansion of ports and navigational channels. In contrast to other dredger types, CSD’s may be used in particularly shallow waters. Types of CSDs

  • Cutter suction dredgers Dravosa

    Cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) can dredge practically all kinds of terrain (sand, clay or rock). Our fleet. Cutter suction dredgers. CSDs can dredge practically all kinds of terrain (sand, clay or rock). A CSD is a stationary dredger. It can transport material via pipelines up to several kilometres distance, or, alternatively, fill barges that come alongside the CSD. Artemis. Length: 135.80 m

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    A large cutter suction dredge, the STER 1, heading towards Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro 1963 Boat harbor development using a 970S Dragon® Dredge Russia Custom B1190 Electric Wheel Dragon™ dredging hard material with Ellicott’s patented Dual Wheel Excavator Saudi Arabia 4170 Super Dragon™ Dredge being used for island creation Abu Dhabi, UAE The Cooljarloo, built for

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    VMI CUTTER SUCTION Dredge Designs. Dredge Models & Configurations. VMI BUILDS DREDGES IN A VARIETY OF SIZES AND CONFIGURATIONS. BELOW ARE SOME OF THE COMMON MODELS AND OPTIONS, HOWEVER, WE CAN CUSTOM BUILD A MACHINE TO MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS. MDX-820CS. This dredge comes equipped with an 8 inch (200mm) discharge pump and maximum dredging depth up to 20 feet (6m). Optional cutter

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    The dredger can perform as cutter dredger and as deep cutter- and deep suction dredger. Normal cutter depth is up to 25 m with short ladder and spuds, while a deep suction depth on wires can be reached up to 45 m working on X-mas-tree. The hull was built in Poland, oufitting took place in Papenburgt . Main particulars . Length o.a. (ladder in highest position) as suction dredger (45 m dredging

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    Cutter suction dredger. Powerful cutting action combined with suction. Backhoe dredger. Giant backhoe excavator mounted on a spud-rigged pontoon. Floating grab crane. Grab cranes are able to handle both sludge and objects (stone blocks, wrecks). Various dredging vessels and equipment. Ranging from our water injection dredger, multicats and pusher tugs to pontoons and barges. Our dredging

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    Cutter Suction Dredger; Bucket Dredger; Water Jection Dredger; Dredger Cutter; Sand Dredging Pump; Dredge Pipeline; News. Company News; Industry News; Download; Send Inquiry; Contact Us; Why Choose Us service Site inspection and third party inspection is acceptable while production. 24-hours online after-sales service is available. Equipment Sandblasting machine, sheet bending

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    26-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) IMS 6518C. IHC Beaver 6518C model 2009 is laid-up in Singapore since 2018. Basic maintenance is done and note that this dredge is not IACS classed but Phoenix classed (expired). The dredgers are equipped with a single high-pressure submerged dredge pump, mounted on the ladder. This high efficiency pump is directly driven by the diesel engine, via the

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